About Micronet Broadband (Pvt.) Ltd.


Micronet Broadband Group of Companies constitutes of following companies:
  1. Micronet Broadband (Pvt.) Ltd.
  2. Nayatel (Pvt.) Ltd.
            i. Super Dialogue (Pvt.) Ltd.
            ii. Metrotel (Pvt.) Ltd.

1. Micronet Broadband (Pvt.) Ltd. (MBL)
Inspired by the broadband revolution of 21st century in the developed part of the world, the founding team of Micronet, a then dialup ISP setup, conceived the idea of broadband Internet services for Pakistan. After hard efforts of two years in process of convincing and competitive bidding by the state-owned fixed line incumbent, PTCL, to open up its copper loop for DSL services, Micronet Broadband (Pvt) Ltd.

2. Nayatel (Pvt.) Ltd. (NTL)
Nayatel (Pvt) Ltd. (NTL) is a sister concern of Micronet Broadband (Pvt) Ltd. (MBL), www.dsl.net.pk the premier and leading DSL broadband service provider in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Leveraging its rich expertise and experience of broadband, MBL team conceived the idea of a most modern telecom network which can take care of ever growing telecommunication needs of customers and have the capability to cater for telecommunication requirements of at least next three decades. The idea was transformed into reality when NTL launched South Asia's first fiber to the home (FTTH)/fiber to the user (FTTU) network in Islamabad in September 2006. This real triple play project is unique in its nature as it serves complex networking needs of mission critical businesses yet so simple that it has become a symbol of prestige for quality conscious home users. Covering over 90% areas of Islamabad and business areas of Rawalpindi Cantonment, Nayatel's network offers ultra broadband Internet, modern telephony and digital video services to business and home users.

In line with traditions of MBL, Nayatel purely focuses on quality and customer service. Infact, both MBL and Nayatel have re-written the quality of service parameters in Pakistani context. As we've been a trend setter in broadband, we've also set new quality standards totally aligned with customers' expectations and requirements. But despite delivering top notch quality and un-matched customer support, Nayatel does not believe in overcharging its customers. That's why our tariffs are highly competitive even for the services for which there is no competition yet.

Fair and ethical business is hallmark of our corporate strategy. Customers' confidence earned with hard efforts of last many years is our most prestigious asset and we always go extra mile to protect this asset. This combinations makes Nayatel as most trusted and reliable telecom service provider of twin cities.

Nayatel's team has a passion to transform Islamabad into most IT enabled and broadband rich and smart city not only in the country but in whole South Asian region. We strongly believe that our country and society can become a great contributor to the knowledge based economy of 21st century by leveraging the talent and intellect of young generation. And Nayatel provides an information super highway for this talent to access global knowledge repositories and business opportunities, hence contributing towards national development.

Our Customer Says


"......You and your staff have been wonderful, and the service has been excellent. I wish you and your company great success in the future. &......"

Warm regards,

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